Product Line-Up

Collagenomics™ series

The Collagenomics™ series are “next generation” collagen peptides, stemming from Nippi’s collagen research and development efforts that have been ongoing since 1921. The Collagenomics™ series features an abundance of active oligopeptides, which are key functional factors for the effects of oral collagen peptide intake. They are known for their stability in the blood and their ability to reach targeted sites.

Collagenomics DFF-01

Standardized with a high Pro-Hyp content, which is frequently detected in the bloodstream following the oral intake of collagen peptides. An increased Pro-Hyp content is expected to enhance absorption into the bloodstream after oral ingestion.

Collagenomics GFF-01

Standardized with a high content of X-Hyp-Gly-type tripeptides, which are not typically found in conventional products. X-Hyp- Gly-type tripeptides have shown stability in the bloodstream and have been proven to exhibit high.

Collagenomics TFF-01

Standardized with a high content of Gly-X-Y-type tripeptides.

Typical collagen peptides digestion.

Di- or tripeptides, which are not naturally present in typical collagen peptides, form during the digestion process.

Collageneomics DFF-01 GFF-01.

In the Collagenomics products, di- or tripeptides are naturally present and their contents are standardized. These peptides are not added subsequently; they are precisely cleaved from the collagen sequence.

Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide series

Nippi holds the largest share of the collagen peptide raw materials market in Japan and has passionately worked for many years on fish collagen peptide derived from both farmed and wild-caught fish. We manufacture and deliver products under strict production management, from selecting the origin of raw materials to establishing appropriate manufacturing conditions and safety measures.

Blue sky, clouds, and an aquamarine ocean.

Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide Wild Granular

The highest quality product with the least odor and taste of all products of nippi peptide®. Wild ocean fish skins and scales are used.

A man in a lab coat and personal protective equipment interacting with a touch screen.

Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide Select Granular

Shaped the reputation for the quality of nippi peptide®. The quality is the industry standard for fish collagen peptides.

A school of fish swimming in a circle.

Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide Standard Granular

High quality, but at a more affordable price.

Feature of Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide

Powdered collagen in a spoon pouring into a bowl of water.

Nippi Fish Collagen Peptide is almost tasteless and odorless, making it an ideal ingredient to be seamlessly mixed with soft drinks or teas. It is primarily used in various forms, including powders, beverages, jellies, etc.