Health and Nutrition Benefits

Weight Management

Weight lifting exerciseCollagen peptides can also contribute to active calorie management and have been shown to influence satiety and satiation. Proven to be effective at maintaining weight, with no adverse effects, collagen peptides have been shown to be more effective than other proteins.

Proteins are a highly satiating nutrient. Studies have shown when switching to a high-protein diet, individuals reduce their food intake and lose weight as well as maintain a particular weight after dieting. Collagen peptides, when taken at breakfast time, have been shown to be 40% more satiating than other proteins such as whey, casein and soy and yield a 20% reduction of subsequent food intake at lunch. (Veldhorst, MAB, et al. Clinical Nutrition. 2009;28(2):147–155.)

The mechanisms of action whereby proteins can affect satiety remain imprecise. The satiating effects of collagen protein may contribute to a slower gastric emptying time. It is also thought that collagen peptides may have an effect on the hormones involved in the satiety center of the brain.