Company History

Man in lab coat with harnessing 100 years of technical innovation caption.

Founded in 1907, Nippi continues to focus on products backed by proven science, tailored to solutions meeting market needs, all in harmony with the environment.

Nippi has been conducting research on collagen since the 1920s. Nippi established a gelatin production facility in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in 1940 and increased its gelatin production to meet market demand. Additionally, through innovating manufacturing technology, Nippi has been producing collagen peptides since 1982, leading the industry. As a “drinkable protein” in health-conscious bevarages, collagen peptide gained popularity in the 1990s. Unlike gelatin, collagen peptide solutions do not harden even when cooled or heated, which is why collagen peptide is utilized by a wide range of customers in various fields such as food, medicine, and industry.