Technical Support

The Nippi BioMatrix Research Institute carries out world-leading studies on collagen peptides and exclusively works to advance a greater understanding of the precise functions of extracellular matrices and the components of collagen. Nippi’s prolific research into the vast potential of collagen has yielded a flurry of novel application opportunities spanning the dietary supplement, cosmetic, and functional food and beverage industries.

At Nippi we understand the challenges involved in the product development and launch process and we offer comprehensive technical support. With increasing globalization and market diversification challenges, we stand ready to assist in your product development process and provide guidance in regulatory matters, country registration, labeling and marketing. Our goal is to find the best commercial solution during the product development scale-up process and to help our customers to penetrate new markets, giving them a solid competitive edge.

Contact us to explore how Nippi Collagen can expand your functional food, nutraceutical or cosmeceutical portfolio.