About Nippi

Company History

Nippi Inc.: 100 Years of Experience

Our mission is to set the standards for marine collagen peptides by providing excellence in fish collagen manufacturing and scientific research to the global market. Founded in 1907, Nippi continues to focus on products with proven science that are fastened to solutions meeting market needs, all in harmony with the environment.

As a global leader providing marine collagen to the health and wellness market, Nippi is committed to innovation and quality in all aspects of its business. We provide consistently high-quality products by implementing strict manufacturing standards without sacrificing our environmental responsibilities.

Since its foundation, Nippi has been focused on providing highest-quality products from advanced production technology. “Quality First” has been our corporate philosophy for more than 100 years. This focus on quality starts with the careful selection of the highest-grade raw materials, the strict implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the respect of ISO 9001 standards.

At Nippi, we are making the most of our technical and scientific expertise to offer value-added products and services to our partners.

institute-biomatrixNippi Research Institute of BioMatrix

In order to create a high-value difference, research and development within Nippi is continually advancing. In 1938 the company established an independent research institute in Tokyo, Japan. The Research Institute of BioMatrix continues to lead the world in the study of collagen peptides.

The main function of the BioMatrix Institute is to understand the precise functions of extracellular matrices, as well as to study the main components of collagen. Our institute develops technically complex products that are highly advanced and publishes numerous scientific reports concerning collagen bio-peptides while promoting application development for the functional food, health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Nippi’s prolific research into the vast potential of collagen has yielded a flurry of novel application opportunities spanning the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, medical and cosmetic industries.