Nippi at a Glance

Tradition and Innovation

Nippi is a pioneer in the field of collagen research and production and was the first to succeed in solubilizing collagen, receiving a patent for the process in 1960. It was this landmark event that accelerated the applied research of collagen worldwide. Nippi has now brought its knowledge and expertise in marine collagen peptides to the North American market.

Our mission is to set the standards for marine collagen peptides by providing excellence in fish collagen manufacturing and scientific research to the global market. Since its foundation, Nippi has been focused on providing the highest-quality products from advanced production technology. “Quality First” has been our corporate philosophy for more than 100 years. This focus on quality starts with the careful selection of the highest-grade raw materials, the strict implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the respect of ISO 9001 Standards.

At Nippi, we are making the most of our technical and scientific expertise to offer value-added products and services to our partners.

Nippi President Yuko Ito

Since its foundation in leather manufacturing in 1907, Nippi, using innovative technologies, has been committed to providing “products of the highest quality” based on our consistent policy of “utilize nature 100%”.

In the 1940s we began production of gelatin, a by-product of leather manufacturing, also known as a denaturation of collagen. In 1960 Nippi was awarded the world’s first patent for solubilization technology of collagen, which had long been considered insoluble. Since then we have led the way in the development of collagen products and casings, along with collagen-based skincare and supplements, and are currently exploring medical applications for collagen and gelatin including in regenerative medicine areas.

Aware of societal changes and with a focus on upcycling, we are planning to introduce beneficial novel products.

– Yuko Ito, President of Nippi Inc.

Nippi Collagen North America Inc.

As Nippi’s North American subsidiary, Nippi Collagen NA Inc.’s primary focus is to offer products that are best in class. Supported by a century of corporate heritage, Nippi leverages its global network in science and technology to bring the world’s most premium collagen to the North American market. Building upon its history, Nippi Collagen NA Inc. is continually striving to improve and position the company as an innovator and global leader in natural collagen technologies. Our flagship ingredient, “nippi peptide®”, is supported by science and has multidimensional benefits for health and wellness and anti-aging applications.

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