About Nippi

Nippi Collagen North America Inc.

Tradition and Innovation

Nippi is a pioneer in the field of collagen research and production and was the first to succeed in solubilizing collagen, receiving a patent for the process in 1960. It was this landmark event that accelerated the applied research of collagen worldwide. Nippi has now brought its knowledge and expertise in marine collagen peptides to the North American market.

With a strong focus on delivering market-leading technologies, we are equally passionate about working in harmony with the environment. Nippi extracts collagen peptides from fish scales and skin through a complex and controlled natural hydrolysis process. As a result, our bioactives and non-GMO sourcing are the basis for working with nature’s best, minimizing environmental impact.

As Nippi’s North American subsidiary, Nippi Collagen NA Inc.’s primary focus is to offer products that are best in class. Supported by a century of corporate heritage, Nippi leverages its global network in science and technology to bring the world’s most premium collagen to the North American market. Building upon its history, Nippi North America is continually striving to improve and position the company as an innovator and global leader in natural collagen technologies. Our flagship ingredient, Nippi Collagen, is supported by science and has multidimensional benefits for health and wellness and anti-aging applications.