Nippi Collagen and Unistraw announce Strategic Partnership

Nippi Collagen and Unistraw Partnership

Date released: December 09, 2013

Two industry leaders team up to introduce TruMarine™ Collagen enriched Drinking Straws for beauty, bone and joint health

Vancouver, BC and Singapore Nippi Collagen, a global leader in the production and supply of premium marine collagen peptides and Unistraw Holdings, a leading innovator in functional and conceptual health products, today announced a strategic partnership to produce and distribute TruMarine™ Collagen drinking straws.

The INNER BEAUTY and BONE & JOINT SIP™ straws takes Unistraw’s revolutionary delivery system and combines it with the functional benefits of TruMarine™ Collagen.  The CollagenSIP™ contains hundreds of UniBeads securely housed within the straw, which dissolve as liquid is sipped through it. The straws turn everyday drinks into a tasty, functional beverage with scientifically proven benefits for beauty, bone and joint health.

 “The partnership between Nippi Collagen and Unistraw is a truly exciting opportunity to offer a revolutionary new product to consumers, answering today’s growing demand for health and wellness ingredients. By integrating TruMarine™Collagen peptides into the Unistraw Delivery System technology, we are able to offer consumers an alternative and convenient way to promote bone, joint, and skin health” said Greg Nielsen, Vice President of Nippi Collagen NA Inc. “The response from early market trials has been remarkable and we are extremely pleased to be working with Unistraw on the development and launch of this product.” continues Greg Nielsen. TruMarine™ INNER BEAUTY SIP was named SSW Editor’s Choice Awards Finalist in the Nutricosmetics category, an event that rewards achievements in innovation and market significance for products that are coming to market.

“Unistraw is extremely excited to be partnering with the worlds leading global marine collagen specialist, Nippi. Nippi’s TruMarine™ Collagen is the perfect complement to Unistraw delivery system and will underpin a disruptive approach to entering fast growing functional categories like Beauty from Within and Bone & Joint health. The combination of great flavor, healthy positioning, trusted ingredient brand and a fabulous drinking experience puts us into the sweet spot of consumer desire. In Japan alone, the Collagen Beauty market generates over $2.3B in sales and this trend will accelerate globally through Unistraw’s TruMarine™ Collagen beverage innovation” said Carl Freund, Country Manager Unistraw USA.

Everyone can benefit from taking collagen. Because TruMarine™ Collagen is carefully extracted from marine sources of collagen, it offers a superior alternative to other animal based collagen products and meets consumers’ highest standards. Studies support that Type I collagen peptides extracted from marine sources consist of small peptide molecules that have superior bioavailability and digestibility compared to other collagen products. Fish collagen peptides are also characterized by their specific amino acid composition, with a high concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These specific amino acids have functional properties promoting beauty, bone and joint health.

About Nippi Collagen NA Inc.

Nippi is a pioneer in field of collagen research and production and was the first to succeed in solubilizing collagen, receiving a patent for the process in 1960. Nippi Collagen is now bringing its knowledge and expertise of collagen peptides to the North American market with its proprietary ingredient TruMarine™ Collagen. The company focuses on providing the highest quality products with proven science that are fastened to solutions meeting the needs of the market. Research and Development is supported by the Research Institute of BioMatrix, (Tokyo, Japan) which continues to lead the world in the study of collagen peptides.

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About Unistraw

The patented Unistraw Delivery System is a straw device created in 1996 by Australian Peter Baron that can add flavor, energy, collagen peptides, probiotics, vitamins, nutrition and even pharmaceuticals to liquid sipped through it, including water, milk, fruit juices and even alcoholic beverages. Combining superior taste with healthy ingredients, each Unistraw brand is scientifically validated for health and functional benefits. Unistraw is headquartered in Singapore, and houses its manufacturing facilities in India and sales and marketing teams in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Brazil. The company creates products under the CollagenSip™, Electric™, Tubulars™, Sipahh™, and UniPhar® brands.

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